The Redeemer Federal Credit Union

The Redeemer Federal Credit Union held its 2nd Annual Meeting on Friday, March 16, 2018. At the end of fiscal year 2017, assets grew to more than $1M and membership close to 300. The chartering of the Redeemer Federal Credit Union is a landmark breakthrough which the Lord has done for our great mission. The following advantages will accrue to our members through the credit union:

•    The Credit union will foster economic development and empowerment by encouraging savings and facilitating loans for our members.
•    It serves as a ministry of RCCGNA, designed to engender a sense of community and pride in RCCG’s vision for world-wide evangelism.
•    It will promote prudent borrowing for reasons such as car purchases and other financial services and products.
•    Members will benefit from financial education and prudence through financial literacy trainings to be organized by the credit union. 
•    Interest rates on loans will be priced competitively lower than traditional banks.

RCCG North America’s sponsoring of the Credit Union is a laudable achievement and it demonstrates care for our members by investing in them through the establishment of the credit union. 
Redeemer FCU will continue to offer beneficial savings and wealth-building tools and other financial products and services that enhance life, improve our delivery channels, and expand our community outreach. RFCU will target segments of our community where we can make the greatest impact.

We therefore seek your cooperation and support to ensure the success of this initiative.


I confirm that I am a Pastor of RCCG, North America Operations.