January 2021 – It is Time to Fly

Welcome to 2021, in which you will fly as the eagle, in Jesus’ Name! 2020 has come and gone with the pandemic, never to be seen or heard from again until at the judgement seat of Christ (Matthew 12:36).

December 2020 – The Emergence (Manifestation) of the Sons of God

Welcome to last of the “ember” months – your long-awaited miracle of what to remember will happen before the midnight of this month, in Jesus’ mighty Name! You are a child of destiny; nothing happened in this year 2020, the Year of the Great Turnaround, that God has not purposed.

October 2020 – Higher Vision

I welcome you to another “ember” month in 2020, the month of October. I decree that in this new month, the LORD will remember His covenant children for good, in Jesus’ Name. This month’s theme is “Higher Vision.”

September 2020 – Ye are my witnesses

We thank God for a month of new beginning for the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We are certainly grateful for the recently concluded month themed “Wonderful,” as well as being grateful for the outstanding success of the RCCG World Virtual Convention. The blessings received shall be permanent in Jesus’ Name!

August 2020 – Wonderful

We thank God for the month of July in which we received an “Unprecedented Touch.” Indeed, it was a touch of healing, power, unction, reconciliation, relationships, etc.

July 2020 – The Unprecedented Touch

I welcome you to the second half of 2020, the Year of The Great Turnaround. A lot has taken place in the past six months; the most prominent being the global devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 2020 – Upon Mount Zion

I welcome you to May, the fifth month of 2020, the year of Great Turnaround. Five is a strategic number of God’s grace. Understanding that helps you to partake of the blessing of amazing grace, and grow in it

April 2020 – Goliath Must Fall

I greet you in the mighty Name of Jesus. Last month, the LORD taught us how to proficiently pray prophetic prayers. As we bask in the glory of answered prophetic prayers, the LORD is giving us another dimension of ‘The Great Turnaround’

March 2020 – Let There Be Light

I welcome you to the third month of this new decade. Last month, the LORD gave us the keys and secrets of spiritual warfare. As we bask in that glory, the LORD is giving us another dimension of the great turnaround we shall be experiencing this year.

February 2020 – Secrets of Spiritual Warfare

I welcome you to the second month of the new decade. Thank God for January, the first month in the year of the Great Turnaround. Your victory shall be permanent, your joy shall know no bounds, and your progress shall be unstoppable.