Let No Man Despise Thy Youth – By Tobi Aniyi

We live in an age where there’s a general belief that the word “YOUTH”is synonymous to the making of mistakes, cluelessness and instability. Even though we may err sometimes, I believe Paul was calling all youths to a higher place in his letter to Timothy (my name happens to be Timothy). In 1 Timothy 4:12, Paul explicitly told Timothy that he shouldn’t allow anyone despise his youthfulness instead, he should be an example. Wait! Say what?!!! Isn’t that a twist right there? You may think to yourself, “am I not a young chap who is supposed to be looking up to some examples?” Yes, it is okay to think like that but remember, you ought to be an example yourself.

The fact that we are young doesn’t give us the license to throw caution into the wind, instead we should be strategic and deliberate. We must start growing capacity and taking on responsibility. We must start training our minds to conceive and birth big causes, projects, inventions, etc. and pursue its ruthless execution.

The salvation of the nation of Israel rested on the shoulders of a youth, David. The brothers of David alongside other elders of the land despised his youth saying to him in 1 Samuel 17:34 “you are not able to go against this philistine to fight him; for you are a youth, and he a man of war from his youth”. Wow!!! It is funny how they deemed goliath “qualified” because of experience he gathered from the days of youth but they were ready and fast to demoralize and disqualify David, a youth. Thank God for David’s testimonies of how he overcame the bear and the lion. If David didn’t deal with the lion and the bear in the wilderness, he may never have made it to goliath. To be as great as David, we must deal with our 21st century bear and lion (immorality, dishonesty, laziness, shortcut, etc.) in the wilderness (our closet and personal space), if not, we may never make it to goliath (which is our place of public manifestation). As people in our youth, we have to cease every opportunity God gives, in order for greater opportunities to surface, he that excels in little, more is given unto him. Our lives have to shine forth the excellence of Christ. In this world, excellence earns the respect, and integrity preserves it.

Finally, Psalm 144:12 says “That our sons may be plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as cornerstones polished after the similitude of a palace”. May this be the testimony of every young person that reads this article in Jesus’ Name.

Tobi Aniyi is a child of God, that has served and continues to serve in various capacities within the church. He has a career in communications, with interest in agriculture and real estate. He’s passionate about governance, business and the body of Christ.