One Good Cliché

When a phrase or an opinion is overused, it loses originality and becomes what is referred to as a cliché. Now, for the regular Christian Church-goer, certain phrases no longer carry weight and can drive some of us to boredom. A perfect example, is the “Offering time! – Blessing time!” chant. It reigned in the ‘90s and in the early parts of the new millennium.

Heaven by Revelation

My prayer is that we all experience the blessing of God that cannot be denied in our walk with God, laboring in His Vineyard for His glory alone. Our generation is beginning to forget about Heaven; we don’t preach, talk or pray about it anymore, it seems. In this fast-paced world, we have placed Heaven on the shelf as though it’s merely a vacation spot. Beloved, I am here to remind you that we need to get back to believing in the reality of Heaven.

10 Key Pieces of Advice for RCCGNA Pastors

There is a lot of great counsel available to pastors in this age of easily accessible knowledge. However, I have spent time researching and listening to a number of pastors across two decades and three continents. From that wealth of personal knowledge, here are ten key points that resonate with me as godly counsel for ministers on the mission field.