The Redeemer Federal Credit Union

The Redeemer Federal Credit Union held its 2nd Annual Meeting on Friday, March 16, 2018. At the end of fiscal year 2017, assets grew to more than $1M and membership close to 300. The chartering of the Redeemer Federal Credit Union is a landmark breakthrough which the Lord has done for our great mission. The following advantages will accrue to our members through the credit union…

The Kingdom Culture of Communicated Appreciation

I welcome you to the maiden edition of the monthly RCCGNA newsletter with a heart focused on pastoral care – eCare for Pastors. Here we are again at the time of year when festivity is in the air and the love and joy of family is anticipated. However, we all know, as Christians and particularly as Redeemites

Pastor Raphael Adebayo has been giving back to South Dallas for the past 13 years

I was a Muslim from birth until December 3, 1998, when I met a man of God, who lead me to Jesus Christ. He was a co-passenger sitting beside me in a British Airways flight from London to Lagos. Prior to that, I had left Nigeria for the USA on July 7, 1995, with high hopes for success due to my faith in Islam and other spiritual powers.

Balancing Marriage and Ministry

I was opportuned to attend a Pastors’ Wives’ Conference a few years ago and it was interesting and illuminating to hear some of the issues that some Mrs. Pastors are facing.