June 2017 – The Month Of The Lifting Up Of My Head

I want to welcome you to the month of the lifting up of our heads. The Almighty God said that this month, He wants to bless heads ...

(Psalms 3:3; 1 Samuel 2:6-10)

I want to welcome you to the month of the lifting up of our heads. The Almighty God said that this month, He wants to bless heads – personal heads, heads of governments, ministries, and companies. Meet with your pastor or a true servant of God for anointing immediately after these 14 days of fasting exercise starting June 1-14th, 2017. When this month ends, you will testify that indeed something significant has taken place. For as the head goes, so goes the body.

The head, according to the Webster dictionary, is literally described as: “The part of the body containing the five sensory organs: Brain, Eyes, Ears, Nose and the Tongue.” Or “the seat of emotion” or “the first in position.” Also, in Pastor O.J. Kuye’s book, “Deliverance of the Head,” he said, “The head is the physical and spiritual brain box of the whole body.” Given these perspectives, it is important to note, however, that there are different kinds of heads.  Some heads attract favor, while others disfavor. In like manner, some heads have an easy passage or access in life, while others with similar circumstances, education, upbringing, and same locality are stagnated and their heavens are like brass. A few Biblical examples are: Jacob & Esau (Malachi 1:2-3); The butler & the baker (Genesis 40:1-23); Herodias & John the Baptist (Mark 4:22-28). The good news is that at Calvary, Jesus bruised the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15; Colossians 2:13-15) Halleluiah!

God alone is the Lifter of heads. Others may try, but it always leads to frustration and aggravation. He can lift one from the lowest of places to the highest, He can promote from being common to being uncommon, and He can make a complete zero a hero. My prayer for us this month is that The Lifter Up of our heads, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, will heal our heads that they may begin to attract mercy, favor, blessings, fortune, anointing, grace, breakthroughs, etc. in Jesus’ Name. 

However, in Zech. 1:19-21, we understand that there are powers that will not let go. These are demonic agents among the rank and file of the enemy’s workforce who serve in the department of the horn. Without the intervention of the LORD God of Hosts, these demonic agents will not allow heads to be lifted in the spiritual realm, no matter how valiant the efforts to break free! But, this month, our heads shall be lifted and the horns allied and armored against us shall be frayed, silenced, and consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ Name! 

As your head is lifted this month, may you be given a loud voice of recognition for promotion like Daniel, in Jesus’ Name. May you move from obscurity to popularity. You begin to experience a glorious and positive change in every area of your life. Your greatness begins to spring forth until you become very great, like Isaac. Your head will be lifted to realms where you are out of the reach of your enemies. You will begin to sit with princes and honorable men and women (Psalms 26). No man can demote you, when God lifts your head. Biblical examples of people whose heads were lifted, besides others, are:

  • Abraham – the father of faith
  • Joseph – from slavery & prison to Prime Minister in a foreign land; despite his accent
  • Esther – a housemaid that became Queen
  • Mordecai – a gateman who was promoted, by the king, above the highly placed official who sought to execute him 
  • David – no one knew the family of Jesse, his father never introduced David to Prophet Samuel; but, the Lifter intervened. 
  • The three slave Hebrew boys became governors in the land of their captors

Are you spiritually dissatisfied with your present position or situation in life? God wants you lifted but He has conditions for lifting people up:

  • You must be holy within and without (Hebrews 12:14; Leviticus 20:26). A righteous man in the wrong place is no different than a sinner in the right place; neither of them can be blessed by God.
  • Be generous and give of your time, talents, and resources both within and outside the church. (Psalm 50:5; Matthew 25:35-40) 
  • Pray, with plenty of zeal, power, and the favor of God, to know the mind of God pertaining to His purpose and design for your life. You must connect with your destiny – know it, pursue it, and never give up.
  • Be honest. Remove falsehood and deception from your life. Develop your character and integrity; become a person of your word. 
  • Pray without ceasing for your adversary, the devil, roams about without rest, seeking whom to devour. You must deal with the scattering horns in the house of Prayer! You cannot offer a ten-cent prayer and expect a $1,000 answer (James 5:16-17). 


  • Let us begin by thanking God for creating this day, week, month for our pleasure. Thank Him for helping you thus far in your journey with Him.
  • My Glory and The Lifter Up of my head, arise! Manifest Your Power in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, You have made my head the spiritual brain box of my existence and my being; I ask you to supernaturally touch my head and the foundation of my existence in Jesus’ Name.
  • My Father, my Father, lift my head, in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, give me total healing and complete deliverance from every sickness of the head in the name of Jesus.
  • Put your hands on your head and begin to prophesy over your head: my head is programmed for success and not failure, my head shall respond to good opportunities, promotion, favor, in the name of Jesus.
  • Begin to thank God for answered prayers.
  • Meet your pastor or a true servant of God for anointing immediately after these 14 days of fasting exercise starting June 1-14th, 2017.

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