Dr. Funmi Adeyemi is Impacting many lives with Hope For You organization


During her interview with Pastor Jumoke Lawal, she shared her background and the marvelous ways Hope For You has been assisting those impacted by natural disasters and in need in general.

Mrs. Lawal: Tell us about yourself and background, when did you join RCCG?
Dr. Funmi Adeyemi: I joined RCCG in 1987. My husband and I were a part of the set of pioneer missionaries sent out by the RCCG international Office to the countries of Southern Africa in 1995. We were specifically posted to Malawi. Prior to the missionary assignment, I served in the Office of the RCCG General Overseer and was also a lecturer at the RCCG School of Missions. At the conclusion of the missionary assignment to Malawi, my husband and I were again posted as missionaries to Grand Rapids, Michigan in the year 2000 AD. Currently, we both pastor RCCG Lighthouse in Mansfield, Texas.

ML: Why did you make yourself available to bring Hope For You into existence?
DFA: The original vision for community engagement is the brain child of Pastor Fadel, the Chairman of RCCGNA. I was only called upon to help make the vision a reality. My passion is to see the heartbeat of Jesus Christ fulfilled; to ensure that the church demonstrates God’s love to her immediate community as the light of the world and salt of the earth. I am a firm, and passionate, believer in the fact that the church of God should be externally focused and relevant to its surrounding community.

ML: What has been your most rewarding experience as the Executive Director of Hope For You?
DFA: I am glad to see how my vision, for all RCCG churches and several other immigrant churches, is translating into reality across the US. The implementation of the vision is still evolving but we are certainly on the right track.

To help put things in perspective, here is a snapshot from the Hope for You (HFY) End of Year Report for 2017.
a. OVER 300 churches benefited from the various community services and brand-new products worth over $5 million provided.
b. Through Gift- In-Kind program, HFY is now serving the Greenville, TX community and 10 neighboring cities in the Hunt County area where our operations base is.

World Vision, Trusted World Foundation, Food Bank, Christ for All People Ministries, Delivering Good with Burlington Coats Factory AND Good Morning America, United Way, and Christian Churches Together.

c. A new partnership with Delivering Good Organization (DGO). Through DGO, HFY was able to partner with retail stores like Aeropostale Retail Company, Burlington Coats Factory store and Good Morning America TV program.
d. HFY is now receiving truckloads of brand new products from Costco wholesale store every week. These includes apparels, accessories, shoes, home and office furnishings, toys, and other items. These products will assist RCCG churches to do community outreaches.

e. HFY responded to both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma disaster crises. About 12 RCCG parishes joined the newly opened World Vision warehouse in Houston, Texas to provide continuous relief assistance to disaster victims across the Houston area.

Hope for You is known in the City of Greenville for its assistance towards the homeless as well as domestic violence victims. Hope for You is definitely proud to be a member of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.

ML: How can you be supported?
DFA: The work [of Hope For You] is a pioneering effort that requires prayers and team work.
i. I want to implore all churches and interested persons to support the work financially, giving generously towards the construction, and staffing, of a Warehouse on the RCCGNA campgrounds in Floyd, Texas.
ii. We will also appreciate the donation of, or donations toward, a U-Haul truck for transporting goods from one location to the other.
iii. Please note that should you choose to participate in this venture in whatever financial capacity, we promise to provide you regular reporting through the HFY monthly e-newsletter.


ML: What message do you have for others who would like to make the work of the ministry relevant in their communities?
DFA: Hope For You is available to train and mobilize churches and leaders in the art of community engagement. Signing up for membership with Hope For You is crucial so that churches can be connected to many social agencies in their states. These will, in turn, help in the transitioning and transformation process so that our churches can become endemically relevant to their communities.

Dr. Funmi Adeyemi
Executive Director,
Hope for You, Inc. (RCCGNA Community Initiative)
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 817-897-4623
Address: 515 County Rd. 1118. Greenville, TX 75401 USA
Website: /

Hope for You, Inc. (HFY) is a social services organization established to enhance human well-being and administer essential needs to economically deprived persons, families and children.