Psalm. 95:2-7; Psalm 96:3-7; 50:14 & 23; 69:30; 100:4-5; 130:3-4;91:3-6.

• Magnify the name of Our God for preserving our lives and making us to see 2017.
• Thank Him for His love in forgiving us, even when we went astray in errors and omissions in the last year
• Give Him Praise for fulfilling the Covenant of life, love, protection, preservation, prosperity, power and sure mercies.
• Thank Him for not marking iniquity upon us.
• Thank Him for another season of unity of purpose waiting upon the Lord, because only the living and the healthy can fast and pray.
• Give Him all the Glory for making us escape the snares of the fowler in the last year up till now
• Thanks Him with rejoicing for NOT permitting the pestilences of 2016 to be our portion.
• Thank Him for the healing He did and the ones He is still doing.
• Thank Him for the all-yearlong coverage by day and by night.
• Praise Him for coverage and protection at home, on the field, in journeying and at workplaces.
• Thank Him for delivering us from stormy weathers of 2016.
• Worship for the deliverance from terrors and arrows of all kinds in the year 2016.
• Give Him worthy praise for making us to leap above every destruction in the past leap year of 2016.

Add more prayer points of thanksgiving as specific to your location and territories, parishes, zones, provinces and regions.

Sing songs like:
Our God is a great God… above other Gods,
How Great is Our God…
Who is like unto thee, Oh Lord..
I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart…

Give testimonies and give others opportunities to share testimonies.



Leviticus 6:1-13; Luke. 18:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Nehemiah 2:4-6; Psalm 127 :1; Colossians 2:6-7; Nehemiah 4:9,18; 6:1-14; Isaiah 44:25; Exodus 31: 3-5. 1 Samuel. 10:6-9.

Pray that:
• The Fire of prayer will not be quenched in all our parishes, gatherings and assemblies.
• Fresh anointing for day to day service and the work in His Vineyard and upon everyone involved.
• The fire upon our altar shall not go out
• The Spirit of prayer will help the people of God to build and maintain a strong prayer life.
• The presence of God will never depart from His children/tabernacle
• Our Father will lead men and women ready for service into His church.
• God will also raise people that are sold out for Service among us.
• The Brethren that are ready to take up Kingdom tasks without murmuring will manifest in our midst this year.
• The Holy Spirit will help us to remain in constant fellowship with the Lord.
• The Holy Spirit will grant us the grace to worship the Lord without ceasing.
• The Lord will build His own church according to His Word, that the gate of hell will not prevail.
• God should draw men to Himself, and cause them to be rooted, grounded and established in faith.
• The God of restoration should wage war against forces that are standing against His work.
• Every worker and volunteer in His vineyard, will be Divinely protected and insured as in days of Nehemiah.
• He will guide all His watchmen and laborers aright.
• The pillars of the church shall not crumble in Jesus name. We shall stay on course and not miss His counsel and direction.
• The Lord will frustrate the enterprises of the liars and the father of lies.
• As we covet people that can make a difference in the church, that He will raise and train them for us.
• As we covet mission Burden bearers, Prayer strategists, people living a life open to the needs of others into the vineyard, that God Almighty will raise, train and keep them for us.
• Our Father will overshadow us with power to fulfill and accomplish His purpose to the glory of His Holy name.
• The Lord will rest His Spirit to upon all His volunteers, workers and ministers, in wisdom, vision, strength, grace, understanding, knowledge and in every area and everything as needed.
• The grace of completion of church projects and achieving of visions will be in abundance upon all our parishes.
• Our Church finances will be Divinely boosted.
• Obedience and faithfulness to leadership and the Word will become prominent as against pride and rebellion.

Illustrate related scriptures.

Give examples of miracles, signs and wonders that people can relate with in the society or churches.

Encourage tithe and good offering as the beginning of obedience and prosperity.

Encourage the people to join prayers and prayer groups, especially the National Prayer, every first Monday of the month.

Narrate the benefits in attending Search the Scriptures, Midweek Services, etc. in order to grow in the things of the Spirit.



1 Chronicles 4:10; Deuteronomy 1:10-11; Nehemiah 4:6-10; Deuteronomy 2:5; Luke 10:19

Pray fervently that:
• The Lord will enlarge our coasts and territories and broaden the horizon of His Church.
• In nothing shall we be small or reproached.
• Mercy over generational errors, reproaches and poverty.
• Every member will be blessed and become careers of blessings unto others.
• Pray that every evil publicity of name that anyone has called His church or your country should be erased and forgotten forever.
• The Almighty God will empower us to possess our possessions in all parts of the world.
• For the anointing upon all members, workers and ministers to live a life of victory and testimony this year and beyond.
• Pray that the promises of God for His Church should begin to see more of fulfillments.
• Blessings will not cease upon His church in every way, in season and out of season.
• Unprecedented blessings and favor by the reason of the anointing will be evident in all our churches / parishes.
• God will do the kind of miracles, signs and wonders that He has never done before in His Church and our ministries this year.
• The Almighty God will fill our lives with joy and reasons for celebration.
• This year and beyond it, RCCG / RCCGNA will not labor in vain.
• We come against, and destroy every spirit and agent of fruitless efforts in all our endeavors.
• Father, we cast all the burdens and projects of RCCG / RCCGNA unto you, help us through O Lord, IJN.
• Daddy, publicize your Glory upon your Church.
• Almighty God will fight every counsel and imagination that wants to hold your Church down to lack and poverty.
• The Lord will release into His church people that have the mind to work and serve.
• The Lord will destroy the enterprise and imaginations of the types of Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites that may spring up this year.
• Our God will restore every lost years and time, money, opportunities for His Church.
• The Lord will frustrate every conspiracy, rebellion and disobedience in His Church.
• No confusion or dismay will arise in His Church.
• All our prayers will attract the mercy of God and be answered speedily this year and beyond.
• The strength of our financiers, workers and visionaries and missionaries will not fail.

Sing songs and Hymns of Thanksgiving on behalf of the Church.

Search for more scriptures to pray with.

Add more prayer points as you are led.

Pray in the spirit a lot of the times



1 Samuel 7:9, Psalm 45:7, 99:6, 104:4; Isaiah 54:17

Pray compassionately that:
• God will release His special and fresh anointing on them.
• God will bestow upon them sound health for His work and purposes.
• God Almighty should cover them and their family with fresh fire from above.
• God will build an edge of protection and preservation around them and all their family.
• God Almighty should take all the Glory for how He has been using them in the past.
• God should renew their strength and increase them greatly this year again.
• The Lord God will use them like never before this year.
• This year like never before there will be manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders in through their ministry.
• They will not fall nor fail and that there will never be an emergency concerning them.
• There will not be any tongue rising against them.
• Affliction, shame, sorrow and embarrassment will not be their portion.
• No weapon against them and their family member will prosper.

Sing songs of praise and rejoicing.

Let individuals in your fellowship or prayer groups lead prayers for Daddy and Mummy GO. As led by the Spirit.



James 4:17; Nehemiah 2:19-20; Ezra 7:6-7; Isaiah 54:14-17, 55:10-11; Zechariah 3: 1-4, Numbers 23:19, Psalm 20:7, Psalm 1 & 2.

Pray that:

• Our Father will release pure wisdom from above upon our leaders more that before.
• The Lord will arrest every intimidator, mocker against their intentions and fulfillments.
• As the walls surround Jerusalem, God will surround them with His love, counsel and protection.
• God will help our leaders with greater visions.
• God will raise for us, men like Ezra, Moses, Gaius in the lives of our leaders and leaders in order that their callings will be joyfully fulfilled.
• The purposes and intentions of our leaders will fulfill the Commandments of the Lord.
• Let us pray for the intervention of God against any power that wants to ridicule our leaders.
• Pray for the signs and wonders of God to show forth in the lives of our leaders
• Pray against every seed of discord that they be uprooted in the name of Jesus.

Also pray to:
• Give glory to God for the Chairman, his family and all our leaders.
• Ask the Lord to empower them for the works ahead of them.
• Covet better unity among our leaders to the Glory of Our God.
• Covet that the peace of God to reign in the lives of all our leaders in the name of Jesus.
• Plead the blood of Jesus against any forms of distraction.

• Let us pray for the intervention of God against any power that wants to ridicule our leaders.
• Pray for the signs and wonders of God to show forth in the lives of our leaders
• Pray against every seed of discord that they be uprooted among our leaders.
• Let us pray against every destructive habit designed to waste God’s calling upon their lives.
• Pray that our leaders will not be enemies of integrity.

Encourage closet intercession for the leadership of the Church.

Express the benefits of praying for those in Authorities.



Isaiah 65:24, Nehemiah 6:19; Ephesians 2:14; Romans 16:20; Deuteronomy 8:2-6; Psalm 78:18-20; 1 Kings 17:16; Psalm 94:6

Let us:
• Pray for the release of God’s love into the hearts of our members in the name of Jesus
• Ask God to empower us all not to do His work deceitfully.
• Let us speak peace into every issue of life affecting our members.
• Let us pray that all our workers shall return with the grace to perform signs and wonders in our ministries and parishes.
• Let us pray down the miracles of healing in all our Services and gatherings.
• Pray against any Spirit of discouragement among our workers, but they be filled with boldness.
• Ask the Almighty God to send us help from above into all our projects and targets.
• Pray that the Lord will open our eyes to secrets of hidden Divines riches.
• Cry for Manna miracle this year for all the visions of the Church.
• Ask God to meet the needs of widows and widowers miraculously.
• Pray for God to visit single parents and help them through every trial and lack.
• The Father of Heaven will furnish a table in our wildernesses.
• Pray that God will give us Divine ideas for success and breakthroughs.
• Pray that the Almighty God will rescue us from debt and poverty IJN.
• Pray that the Almighty God will not let us run helter-skelter before He sends us help.
• Pray that God will deliver us from all forms of judgments.
• Pray that God will give us the very best He can give to any people this year.
• Pray that God will let us all enjoy His supernatural supply this season and beyond it.
• Pray that God will let it show that ours is a Church of Power, deliverance and breakthroughs.
• Pray that we will experience Power as of old.
• Pray for immigration deliverance and breakthroughs.
• The Lord will cleanse His Church of all defilement and strangers.
• The Almighty God will deal with every buying and selling troubling His Church.

Let people share testimonies of the past breakthroughs so that others can key into them.



John 16:33; Isaiah 26:3; 2 Thessalonians 3:16; Ephesians 2:14; Romans 16:20; 1 Peter 1:11-13; Mark 16:17-18

Pray that:
• The expectations of people shall not be disappointed in the name of Jesus
• There shall be unprecedented multitude of souls won to the Kingdom this year.
• As we continue to pray, the Lord will make signs and wonders to begin to happen in our midst.
• God will do the uncommon things, in all areas of the lives of anyone that comes in contact with His Church to the glory of His name.
• We will be released from the grip and power of the wasters as we continue in Him this year.
• Every spirit of unfruitfulness be terminated in all that we do.
• The Holy Spirit will demonstrate His power over all strong curses operating in our lives.
• God will disgrace every power boasting against the glory of God in our lives this year.

Encourage the people to make declarations and confessions towards their desires.

Decree healing, deliverances, signs and wonders in the name of Jesus.

Lead the people to pray in the Holy Ghost.



Revelations 4:11; Job 1:6-8; Numbers 23:23-24.

• Pray that God will reveal to us the programs that will glorify His name and build His Kingdom.
• Pray that the right people will be put in the assignments in all our programs.
• Pray that every evil force sent on errand to us and our programs will fall down and die in their multitude IJN.
• Pray that every sorcery or incantations against us and our programs will fail in their enterprise.
• Receive empowerment to triumph over evil occurrence, attacks of any sort as our programs unfold from January to December this year IJN.
• Block every door or avenue that any higher power might want to use to take advantage of us or our children, youths or loved ones in any area of their endeavors IJN.
• Pray that no old or new trick of the evil one will capture us or our loved ones IJN.
• Pray that no old or new trick of the evil one will capture any of our parishes, zones, provinces or regions IJN.
• Pray that the Speakers and preachers in all our programs will be Divinely selected this IJN.
• Pray for Divine provisions for the funding of our programs.
• Pray for journey mercies regarding the attendance of all pour programs this year and beyond IJN.
• List all our regular and yearly programs in RCCGNA and intercede for them. Such as Prayer Retreats, Solemn Assembly, Women in Ministry, Regional and Zonal conferences, Chairman visits, the Leadership Trainings, Ministers’ and workers’ conference, the Conventions, Men of Valor, Pastors’ Wife’s Forum, etc.

Encourage, lead and let people lead serious intercessions.

Let the people pray in the Holy Ghost.

Decree, bind, loose and enforce in the name of Jesus.

Encourage smaller group prayers



Genesis 3:21; James 4: 17; Romans 10:3; Genesis 19:14-16; 19-20; Proverbs 5:18.

Pray and say:
• Father in 2017 and beyond, let your mercy reign in our homes and matrimonies in the name of Jesus.
• Almighty God, let every home troubler depart from all our homes in the name of Jesus.
• Father, prosper our families in order for us to become blessings unto others in the name of Jesus.
• Almighty God, release the wisdom to rule and reign in our homes to the heads of our families in the name of Jesus.
• Father cause heavenly wisdom to reign in our homes and relationships in the name of Jesus.
• Father enable us to be pure, peaceable, gentle, easily entreated and Heaven-focus,
• full of mercy and of good fruit, without partiality or hypocrisy in the name of Jesus.
Holy Spirit, let the wisdom of God give us blessings, Divine coverage in our homes and families in the name of Jesus.
• I receive with thanksgiving pure wisdom, knowledge and understanding to operate in love without errors in the name of Jesus.
• Father protect us and all our family members from all craftiness of the evil one in the name of Jesus.
• Father, teach all our family heads to operate in obedience so that your protection will be sure on us all in the name of Jesus.
• My helpmeet shall not shy away from their duty post, neither will they be redundant in the name of Jesus.
• When the floodgates of Heaven open, it shall be to the advantage of my family in the name of Jesus.
• Floodgates of Heaven shall not consume us, but be a blessing to every member of my family
• Father, overflow my life and my family members with the oil of celebration, joy and rejoicing in the name of Jesus.
• Almighty God, let the Heavenly flood of this year wash away every negative thing in our families in the name of Jesus.
• Father as we make choices this year, guide our decisions and intentions in the name of Jesus.
• Lot‘s wife made a choice to look back and could not share the testimony – Father, help us not to make any backsliding choice this year and beyond it in the name of Jesus.
• I decree against every generational curse of failure and stagnancy in the name of Jesus.
• I pray that you are your family will serve the Lord more in order to get greater blessings and rewards in the name of Jesus.
• I pray for the obedience that qualifies Man to eat the “good of the land” to come upon your household in the name of Jesus.
• I plead for mercy over generational reproaches and poverty in the name of Jesus.

Encourage the continuation of these prayer points in closets and family devotions.

Counsel family members of benefits and rewards of obedience.



Luke 1:76-80; Joel 1:1-5;Luke 23:26-28; Acts 2:28-29; Isaiah 8:18; 1 Samuel 2:12;

• Pray that God should surprise those who thought and said our will never amount to anything in life.
• Cry unto the Lord to make our children and youths a show-piece of Grace and Mercy beginning from this season onward.
• Pray that the Almighty God will release the secret of success unto our youths and generation.
• Pray that the Almighty God will fill the lives of our children and youths with joy success and several reasons for celebration.
• Pray that the Lord Jesus will make anxiety and troubles to be eradicated from the lives of our children and young people.
• Pray and decree that this year and beyond it, we will not labor in vain over our children.
• Decree against all forms of syndromes, sicknesses and diseases prevalent among children and youths in these end times.
• Decree against peer-pressure and the spirit of the land that lead young people astray these days
• Rebuke the spirit of hard-heartedness upon our offspring.
• Come against the spirit of fornication, adultery and illicit relationship in the lives of our young people.
• Pray and forbid our children and youths from being bought over by other religions.
• Forbid the spirits of gay, lesbianism and all such regarding our children and youths.
• Call the names of your children and the children in your church and banish them from going astray.
• Resist the Devil concerning our young ones anywhere they go all over the world.
• Cry unto the Lord for mercy concerning the young generation for the Lord not to visits them with punishments of their generations.
• Pray that the Holy Spirit will keep the ears of our young ones open to the call of God to serve.
• Pray that our youths will not found in any place where the Grace of Our God will not keep them.
• Pray that our children will not become victims of stray bullets and arrows in the name of Jesus.
• Pray that the fear of the Lord will reign in the hearts of our children and youths.
• Pray that the Almighty God will order their steps to success and prosperity.
• Pray that the lives of our children shall be devoid of all social and spiritual vices.

Resist the devil in every way on behalf of our young ones.

Illustrate the prayer points with the news and current affairs to drive home the points



Zechariah 4:6-10; 1 Corinthians 9:26-27

• Pray that all of us in the RCCG will finish well in all our endeavors this year and beyond.
• Pray that the devil and his agents will not hi-jack our testimonies.
• Pray that the Word of the Lord for completion of projects and tasks successfully will work for us.
• Pray that the spirit of the Lord will empower for good success.
• Pray that every mountain that contends against success will disappear before us this year.
• Pray that projects that have been tarrying in completion will see fulfillments this year.
• Pray that at the end of this year you will be among those that will shout “Alleluia”

Pray much in the Spirit

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