Luke 19:13 “And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, occupy till I come”. Other translations say; Do business - till I come. In other words, engage in trade with what you have been given. Take what you have and put it to work. Stay busy with what I have given to you. Make this money grow.  If you are in the church or business and you’re not growing or going forward, you have become stagnant. Rev. 3:16 "So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth”. 

To Occupy means:

  • To increase our evangelistic and missionary efforts by taking both the geographical and spiritual landscape for Jesus and making disciples of all nations
  • To summon courage to go after the enemy and recover the kingdoms that once belonged to the church and the cathedrals that have turned to bars 
  • To accelerate and gain speed in the race or journey of life
  • To accomplish much within a short period of time, to subdue opposition, road blocks, barriers and breakthrough into new lands.
  • To overcome status quo and turn barriers into opportunities 
  • To be experience positive change of position, status, location, identity and destiny as the journey of life continues
  • To refuse to stay where you are, to push ahead to higher ground of holiness and love for the community where you’re desperately needed to show the love of Jesus, etc. 

Everyday must be a plus.   Every day, there is a positive change, a new experience, an exciting and fulfilling experience.  My question is this, is the church really occupying or are we just doing business as usual?  There are great revivals in the world with hundreds of thousands and even millions giving their lives to Jesus Christ, but are we really occupying? How can we as Christians step across our own man made lines and start acting as the body of Christ as a whole and not just a lot of parts? The barriers have to come down, how can we occupy if we cannot even come to agreement within ourselves? Jesus said a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. I believe we as believers have certainly inhabited the land but have not truly occupied it. To occupy is to fully influence every aspect of society as we know it, spiritually, as well as socially and economically. Society should see a dramatic change. This kind of change doesn’t just affect a generation but affects future generations as well. If you change a culture you change the very fabric of the society that they live in. This kind of change can have long lasting effects, not just temporary ones. 

We can only make disciples of all nations by positively changing them from the inside out. Other religions have a systematic plan for doing just that. However, Christianity hasn’t been doing that to the same degree. 

All Christians are not called into the 5-fold ministry, but many are called to be bankers, teachers, lawyers, judges, politicians, and so on. Christians should be at the top and scattered throughout every area of society if they are truly walking in their giftings. There is an anointing that goes along with that calling. The God given abilities along with the anointing that is upon God’s chosen people in every area of society can influence that society in such a way as to give Godly direction and influence. This will produce a sustained change that will endure into the future, and I believe will be the catalyst that ushers in the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! Instead of setting on our spiritual backsides and waiting for the Lord to return, lets hasten His return. Let’s fill our lamps with oil and go take the land. 
We all have our God given place and it will take all of us working together in every phase of society to bring about the kind of permanent change that can transform a nation.  We need Christians occupying within every area of society. I want to personally challenge you to find your God given place, and let’s do this together. 
Therefore, wake-up from your slumber O thou that sleepeth; therefore, “give not sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids” (Pro. 6:4).  The time to occupy (engage, take-back, stay relevant, evangelize, live holy and grow healthy, etc.) is NOW! 


  • Thank God for another day/week/month; He is a prayer answering God and a Covenant keeping God. Begin to plead the Blood of Jesus upon your life for atonement, purging and redemption from all sins
  • Father, teach me to know what to do with the seeds you have placed in my hands IJN. I will not eat up my seed, neither will I sow in the wrong land and wrong season IJN
  • As I get my location right, help me to do the right thing there IJN
  • Every anti-change & anti-progress spirit that is monitoring my life and destiny, be roasted by fire IJN. Power for my next level, fall upon me right now, IJN
  • Oh thou my destiny, continue to ascend the ladder of life from today & don’t stop till Jesus comes
  • I command the spirit of ‘Esek’ (contention) and the spirit of “Sitnah’ (opposition) assigned against my inheritance to die by fire, IJN (Gen. 26:20-22)
  • Oh God, release fresh oil for the next level everyday upon my life as from today IJN.

Pastor (Dr.) James O. Fadel
Special Asst. to General Overseer & Chairman, RCCG North America




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