Research shows that more than one in every five children (about 16 million) is hungry or nutritionally deficient in America. This has made child-hunger a threat to the nation’s future because children do poorly when they are malnourished or hungry. More disturbing is the fact that this problem has had an increasing trend over the years.


    Our vast resource of medical and health personnel in partnership with Local health providers offer regular free screenings in our community centers. Such screenings include blood pressure, blood sugar, mammograms and oral cancer screening. BMI screenings, nutritional counseling and wellness training are amongst other services we offer.


    Services we offer include summer programs, free meal programs to children, SAT, GED & GED preps, career counseling, resume writing, and interview preparedness to mention but a few.


    Our aim is to provide support and assistance to the homeless to live independently in the society and help them to successfully transition to permanent housing.

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Restoring the Power Of Hope
It is our mission to eliminate poverty around the globe, empower the human potential for self-reliance and restore the power of hope for every individual one soul at a time. Hope For You, Inc. renders an excellent version of social services that endeavors to discontinue the endemic parade of poverty that people face today. Our interventionist role is to cushion lives by supplying immediate needs like clothing, food and other essentials of daily living. In the near future, we plan to provide financial support to qualified families and financial independence training and other skills that make up for a well-rounded individual.

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